Processor of premium quality pulses!


Import from Vietnam, Zanzibar and Madagascar

Blackpepper, Cloves and Cassia Tube.


USA, India, Chile

Almonds, Walnuts, Cashew, Inshell Kernel Walnuts.


India, Guatemala


Indian Coffee Plantation A, PB, AAA

Brazil Coffee Rio Minas 17/18

Mellow Brand Rice

Sella 1121, Indian Sella Steam, PR11 Parboiled


Processor of Premium Quality Pulses.

  • Masoor Whole

    Masoor Whole

  • Masoor Dal

    Masoor Dal

  • Masoor Football

    Masoor Football

  • Green Lentils 20 KGS

    Green Lentils

  • Black Chana

    Black Chana

  • Chana Dal

    Chana Dal

  • Chick Peas

    Chick Peas India 42/44

  • Chick Peas

    Chick Peas India 58/60

  • Mung Whole

    Mung Whole

  • Mung Chilka

    Mung Chilka

  • Mung Dal

    Mung Dal

  • Green Peas

    Green Peas

  • Urid Whole

    Urid Whole

  • Urid Chilka

    Urid Chilka

  • Urid Dal

    Urid Dal

  • Urid Gota

    Urid Gota

  • Toor Dal

    Toor Dal

  • Black Eye Beans

    Black Eye Beans

  • Red Kidney Beans

    Red Kidney Beans

  • Argentina Popcorn

    Argentina Popcorn

  • Chick Peas

    Chick Peas Mexico 42/44

  • Sella Basmati Rice

    India Sella Rice, Mellow Brand

  • Steam Basmati Rice

    India Steam Rice, Mellow Brand

  • PR-11 Parbolied

    PR-11 Parbolied, Rice Indian

  • Guatemala,India

    Origin, India & Guatemala

  • Cumin Seeds

    Cumin Seeds

  • Methi Seeds

    Methi Seeds

  • Mustard Seeds

    Mustard Seeds

  • Blackpepper


  • Cloves


  • Cassia Tube

    Cassia Tube

  • Almonds

    Almonds, USA

  • Cashew

    Cashew, India

  • Walnuts

    Walnuts Kernel, Inshell (USA, Chile)

  • Indian Coffee

    Indian Coffee, Plantation A

  • Indian Coffee

    Indian Coffee, Plantation PB

  • Indian Coffee

    Indian Coffee, Plantation AAA

  • Brazil Coffee

    Brazil Coffee RIO Minas, 17/18

About Us

We are one of the reputed trading Company in Dubai UAE, dealing in agricultural commodities with its dedicated and motivated management/staff team who share philosophy of commitments and services to its customers with high quality standard of their experience.

Established in 1991 by Mr.Mohamed Siddique Fazlani, Mellow Trading LLC has achieved its reputation in short span of time. This success is due to the hard work and excellent in performance and adherence to highest quality standards.

The increasing high demand of times and the populace, in 1994, Al Mellow Spices Packing LLC was established in Sharjah, in the northern emirate to cater to the growing necessities of the inhabitants. It was followed by Mellow Pulses and Spices Processors LLC - Ajman in 2006 which geared up to teh increase in production capacity of 250 tons per day, processing pulses using latest machinery as per today's need. Having well equipped with top notch machineries, Mellow Trading LLC has been trusted for a fast, competitive and quality production over the years.

We believes in extreme emphasis for investment in Research & Development in regards to technology and process development that are similar to standards followed anywhere in the world.

Today, we are produdly supported by its worldwide customer base and is growing everday by the sheer power of experience its holds. With a promise to deliver only premium quality products in Mellow Brand .

Our Strength

Our vision is to be one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of quality food products and be considered with world class quality.


Mr. Mohammed Siddique Fazlani

Managing Director

Sales Manager

Mr. Feroz Nagani

Sales Manager

Area of Services

Mellow Pulses & Spices Processors LLC

  • Facility in Ajman
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AL Mellow Spices Packing LLC

  • Facility in Sharjah
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Our Mission is to provide our esteemed clients with quality food products as competitive price at all times.

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